2019-11-15 14:30:14

Antifoam Agents

Our 利丰高手心水论坛 are intended to act with defoaming and antifoam properties. defoamer programmes increase the elasticity of the formed film layer. The antifoam provides a surfactant diffusion. It creates a film with a built-in weakness to become unstable. The defoaming agents destroy the foam formation immediately and prevent a new formation of foam.


1.Crude distillation tower and vacuum tower

2.Delayed coker and visbreaker

3.Thermal cracker and bitumen (asphalt) plants

4.Lube oil extraction and propane deasphalting

5.Caustic scrubber, sour water strippers and amine units

Delayed cokers and amine units are process units, where antifoaming agents are steadily used. Foam carry-over from the coke drum must be avoided. Otherwise, that could results in an unexpected shutdown. PDMS based antifoaming agent are mainly used at delayed cokers. They are the preferred products because of the high thermal stability. A suitable PDMS antifoam thermally decomposes, but the fragments still have antifoam properties. Silicone is a catalyst poison, why the dosing must be done carefully.  

Xinchang Chemical provides highly efficient defoaming programmes. Defoaming agents immediately displace the foam stabiliser and locally burst bubbles.This reduces the wall viscosity and lowers the electrostatic surface potential. Defoaming agents are non-toxic and are not harmful to products.

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